January 2021 | Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar samples shown with matching techniques.

January 2021 | Western Red Cedar

Our Red Cedar veneer inventory currently consists of various door and panel lengths. Typically quarter cut, Western Red Cedar veneer heartwood is generally light reddish-brown in color with straight, tight grain. Pink hues occasionally pop up and darker red or brown streaks are fairly common as well. Otherwise, Red Cedar veneer is quite uniform in color and grain structure throughout individual logs and is free of knots or other defects. In comparison to the warmer heartwood, Red Cedar sapwood is almost white. The texture is usually moderate to coarse before finishing.

Western Red Cedar provides relatively large veneer sizes

Red Cedar log yard when the trees are cut into cants for veneer production.
Cedar log yard where logs are cut down to cants.

Found primarily in the Pacific Northwest, Red Cedar is sometimes dwarfed by Redwood, however, this species reaches heights of over 200 feet. Trunk diameters are usually around 10 feet, but sometimes span a 20+ foot width.

Red Cedar veneer is produced mostly from square cants rather than logs because the trees are subject to extensive amounts of rot that is not usable for any wood application. However, due to the overall size of mature Red Cedar trees, the cants remain large.

Veneer quality Red Cedar cant.
Veneer quality Red Cedar cant.

Red Cedar veneer is available in attractive lengths and widths for architectural projects calling on a consistent and natural aesthetic.

Common applications

Architectural millwork including panels and doors, as well as furniture and cabinetry are all popular choices for Western Red Cedar.

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November-December 2020 | Lumber Newsletter

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Solid hardwood project highlights | 34’+ Kosipo slab is perfect fit in recently opened tap room, Mahogany boule lumber part of almost century old boat restoration, and stunning Bubinga Pommele live edge slab exudes luxury in home.

A note from our team | Jon Mixell reflects on 2020 and looks forward to 2021.

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December 2020 | Figured Mahogany

Varying shades of reddish brown are seen from log to log of Figured Mahogany samples.
8/4 Khaya Mahogany boule

December 2020 Wood of the Month | Figured Mahogany wood veneer has been, and continues to be, an excellent wood for furniture. Don’t forget architectural panels, millwork, and cabinetry, either.

Other noteworthy applications include musical instruments, as well as both yacht and aircraft interiors. Figure can be moderate to heavy. Furthermore, the type of figure ranges from fiddleback, stripey, mottled, crotch and more. Figured Mahogany wood veneer ages nicely after installation. It “tans” well with exposure to sunlight and UV, and has a classical and elegant aesthetic.

Just as the figure varies, the heartwood of Figured Mahogany does as well. Pale pinkish browns to deeper red browns provide a wide range of warm, natural tones. Medium, uniform texture. Figured Mahogany also has a wonderful natural luster, as seen in our photos.

Lumber: We carry Mahogany at M. Bohlke Lumber in various lumber forms. Our lumber inventory currently consists of:

  • Honduras Mahogany: Backing Boards, Square Edge SEL&BTR and FAS&BTR of varying thicknesses, as well as Boules of varying thicknesses
  • Khaya Mahogany: Khaya Crotch Live Edge Slabs, FAS&BTR Square Edge, and Boules
  • Sapele Mahogany: Square Edge FAS&BTR and Boules of varying thicknesses
  • Sapele Pommele Mahogany: Live Edge Slabs

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September-October 2020 | Lumber Newsletter

4/4 South American Chechen square edge lumber.

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Highlights this issue:

Over 3000 tabletops available | From Albizia to Wenge, we have hit a live edge slab milestone!

Ebiara & South American Chechen | Two new arrivals at M. Bohlke Lumber that steal the spotlight this issue.

Working Cottonwood | Cottonwood is a poplar species and relatively easy to work with both hand and machine tools. We have various sized Cottonwood live edge slabs available for purchase.

Eucalyptus inventory | New figured and plain Eucalyptus square edge in stock! Quartered Eucalyptus is a good substitute for Rift White Oak.

Complete Species List | Don’t see a species listed that you’re looking for? Please inquire, as we generally have veneer logs to cut into lumber that can be kiln dried on short order.

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October 2020 | Fumed Etimoe

fumed etimoe wood veneer
Fumed Etimoe veneer samples with figure

October 2020 Wood of the Month | Fumed Etimoe wood veneer is from a tree native to West and Central Africa. These trees regularly grow up to 100 feet, and sometimes reach 165 feet in height. Trunk diameters can be as wide as 9 feet. Because Etimoe is large, it’s not unusual to find logs that yield large quantities of veneer or lumber. This makes Etimoe a top choice for design projects calling for substantial amounts of decorative veneer in sequence.

Fumed Etimoe wood veneer is a hot species in architectural design, as well as aircraft design. Etimoe wood veneer heartwood is usually a reddish brown with a speckled appearance. Darker brown or red veins are sometimes visible and the grain is generally straight or interlocked. Also has a fine and even texture.

The natural process of fuming Etimoe brings out warm, dark chocolate brown tones, in place of reddish brown. After fuming, figure also becomes distinctly more pronounced. Fumed Etimoe retains both its natural strength and good natural luster.

fumed etimoe wood veneer 2
Fumed Etimoe veneer samples with figure

In addition to architectural and aircraft design, Fumed Etimoe is used in millwork, cabinetry and doors, as well as high-end furniture.

Our current natural (unfumed) Etimoe lumber inventory

  • 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4 & 16/4 FAS&BTR square edge lumber

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2020 AWI Annual Convention | Come visit us!

Are you a woodworking professional and attending the Virtual 2020 Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) Annual Convention from Sep. 30-Oct. 2? We’ll be there, too!

For many years, we have been a major supporter of AWI, the Architectural Woodworking industry’s leading organization. We are excited to be a part of this virtual venture and encourage you to attend as well!

Members of our M. Bohlke team will be available all three days at our booth. Visit us to learn more about our company and services, plus see live samples of our extensive wood veneer species.

The annual convention is entirely virtual this year, so you can attend from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Do you still need to register? Visit the official 2020 AWI site to complete your registration today.

We appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with you later this month!

September 2020 | Angico

Various Angico log samples with varying aesthetics

September 2020 Wood of the Month | Our Angico wood veneer inventory consists of various panel lengths, complete with a wide range of aesthetics. Typically flat cut, Angico wood veneer generally has rich reddish brown heartwood with slightly darker cathedrals. Angico veneer can also have pinks, tans and lighter brown tones as well, making it a very colorful species. It also has a fine texture and medium luster.

The tree and regional uses

Angico is a large tree with a wide growth range and is found all over the world, especially in South America and India. Angico typically reaches heights up to 100 feet with trunk diameters around four feet. Because the bole is usually clear of branches up to 50 feet, Angico is an ideal timber for architectural veneer use.

Within its native regions, Angico wood has various uses, most notably structural uses, heavy duty flooring and mine timbers. Angico wood is also used for boat building, furniture and turnery.

Flat Cut Angico veneer sample with figure

Common veneer uses and further details

Angico veneer has a multitude of uses, including architectural panels, cabinetry, doors and furniture. Also utilized for luxury yacht and aircraft interiors. We consider Angico veneer as a good substitute for Santos Rosewood as well.

Angico wood veneer is very naturally oily, therefore it always turns dark or even black in a hot press. In order to maintain its beautiful contrasting colors, we recommend it to be cold pressed instead.

Veneer log inspections, virtual and in-person

Our Live Veneer Log Inspection service allows you to view a veneer log inspection via a live stream! We also offer the flexibility of sending recorded video directly to you for viewing at your leisure.

Watching a veneer log inspection at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here. You can pause the inspection for longer views of grain structure and color consistency and, if streaming live, request to see logs a second time the moment you need to.

In addition, we are happy to share that our facilities are open for scheduled visits. Please contact your M. Bohlke sales representative or use our contact form to schedule an in-person visit.

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July-August 2020 | Lumber Newsletter

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July-August 2020 Lumber Newsletter | Our live edge slab inventory continues to grow and evolve. We are confident you will find a species and slab that speaks to you from our vast selection. Check out our July-August 2020 Lumber Newsletter to see our most recent arrivals. Questions or comments? Send your inquiries to sales@mbveneer.com

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August 2020 | Classic Cherry

cherry flat cut wood veneer
Flat Cut American Cherry

August 2020 Wood of the Month | We have a wide variety of Cherry wood veneer. From various species to varying lengths, widths and grades within those species.

American Cherry wood veneer

American Cherry is a handsome tree growing up to 80 feet. Their trunk diameters are usually between 2-3 feet. This indigenous wood was used quite heavily in the 18th century for furniture and cabinets. It was also popular for the backings of musical and scientific instruments.

Today, Cherry veneer is still an excellent choice for cabinetry and furniture. It’s also used for architectural panels, acoustic panels and millwork, as well as ceilings and doors.

european cherry flat cut wood veneer
Flat Cut European Cherry

American Cherry wood veneer is a light brown with pink or red overtones. Natural characteristics include gum pockets, pins and figure. Cherry wood veneer also has a satiny finish and fine texture.

European Cherry wood veneer

European Cherry wood veneer heartwood ranges from pink to warm red and golden brown tones. This veneer eventually darkens to a deeper golden brown with time and upon light exposure. The grain is fine, straight and close. Common uses include architectural millwork, paneling, cabinetry, fixtures and furniture, as well as musical instruments.

European Cherry reaches heights between 60-90 feet with trunk diameters around 1-3 feet. This species is native to Great Britain and Europe. It also grows in the mountains of North Africa and southeast Asia.

fireland cherry quarter cut wood veneer
Quarter Cut Fireland Cherry

Fireland Cherry – a Bohlke exclusive

Native to South America, Fireland Cherry is the largest of the Cherry trees discussed here. This species can grow to over 100 feet in height with trunk diameters closer to five feet. Fireland Cherry quarter cut wood veneer has pleasant red tones. Colors can also range from creamy off-white, to creamy red to pale brown with a pink cast. Straight grained with a fine texture.

Bohlke Cherry lumber inventory

  • Live edge slabs

July 2020 | Spessart Oak

July 2020 Wood of the Month | Spessart Oak veneer and lumber is highly prized in the wood industry. We sometimes refer to it as European Oak, although all of our Spessart Oak inventory was grown exclusively in the Spessart Forest located in Bavaria, Germany.

The gold standard of all oaks

Spessart Oak wood veneer and Spessart Oak lumber are both very versatile. In fact, Spessart Oak is considered the gold standard of all Oaks. It is used for a multitude of applications, including fine furniture, architectural millwork and panels, as well as cabinetry and doors.

Unsurpassed quality and consistency

Because of responsible forest management, the Spessart Forest has mineral-free soil and just the right amount of annual rainfall, as well as proper drainage. These old growth trees average 20-30 growth rings per inch (and they can be as tight as 60-70) and are selectively cut at peak maturity.

As a result, Spessart Oak trees have beautiful, consistent color, and very fine and tight uniform grain structure. The color is usually a straw yellow to golden brown, and the wood is free of mineral streaks.

Boule close-up

Our current inventory

  • Flat cut and quarter panel, varying grades of veneer
  • Rustic veneer
  • Cluster table tops
  • 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 FAS&BTR square edge lumber
  • 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, 12/4, 16/4 boules
  • Pulled for quarter boules – 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, 12/4,
  • Fumed boules – 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4