Obsessive about superior lumber

Exquisite Lumber

If you’re looking for the finest quality and best selection of imported lumber, you have found it. Manfred Bohlke’s obsession for superior lumber has led to our impressive inventory of square edge lumber, boules and slabs. All of our imported species have natural features and are extraordinary in beauty. At first, we only offered lumber to compliment purchases from our veneer customers. Before long, more people wanted access to our lumber to create visually stunning projects. Consequently, we created a unique lumber business that operates like a boutique, giving you the ability to select pieces of the prime lumber you need. Our lumber business is backed by our veneer business and warehouse that is over 175,000 square feet.

The Pursuit for Beauty

Our pursuit of high quality lumber makes us your clear choice for architectural millwork, yacht design, musical instrument industries, furniture design and more. When you shop with us, rest assured knowing the world’s most remarkable lumber is at your fingertips. Please find our current inventory offering below.

Lumber and Lumber Species List

Square Edge

Our extensive inventory of imported square edge bunks includes various species and thicknesses. For precision, we measure each board for board footage and sell this inventory board by board. In 2017, we installed a vacuum dry kiln to aide in sawing and purchasing of ‘green’ or ‘wet’ lumber. This gives us control of the drying process to the specifications best fit for the specie and customer.

Boule Lumber

We also specialize in a large inventory of boule form lumber. A boule is an entire sawn log, held together in sequential form for purchase. This guarantees same color, grain and size from one board to the next. Because of its stellar consistency as a result of each board coming from the same tree, high-end woodworkers and yacht builders prefer boule lumber.

Live Edge table top slabs

We are always adapting to growing trends. As design trends navigate themselves toward a more organic theme, we provide ways to meet those trends with creative ideas. One growing trend in the design industry is the use of “natural” or “live edge” wood slabs. Dining tables, conference tables and bar countertops are prime examples of giving live edge slabs a second life. We stock a variety of indigenous and imported slabs for individual sale for whatever application you desire. Let us help you pick the perfect slab for your project. Please click here to see our current inventory or click below to view our table top specie list.

Live Edge and Lumber Services

Reclaimed and salvaged wood

Our reclaimed and salvaged wood inventory is a treasure trove for hobbyist woodworkers. From unique table bases to large chunks of salvaged wood, our inventory has something for everyone. We carry an assortment of tree roots and trunks, as well as a growing inventory of salvaged beams, rafter and joists from buildings that have been demolished.

Veneer manufacturing byproducts

During the manufacturing process, veneer produces two distinct byproducts. Backing boards are thin planks of wood remaining after the slicing process. These boards are stripped down and used for thin lumber or flooring. Cores are cylindrical chunks of wood leftover after the peeling process and are used for projects by wood turners and carvers. Call us today to see if we have a treasure for you.

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