Our Certified Species

Almost all of our domestic or North American species are FSC®, PEFC and CITES certified with a handful of our veneer coming from standing timber lots that were pre-classified by a certified forester to be FSC 100%. With regards to our imported inventory, not all of our species are certified, although completely and legally imported under the Lacey Act. The simple fact is that not all species can be classified at certified species, but we put the hardest effort into purchasing strictly certified wood when possible.

At M. Bohlke Veneer Corp., we also offer a wide selection of reclaimed wood products that align with our preservation and environmentally-friendly initiatives. In the production of wood products there are many salvageable by-products as well as reclaimed wood that can be reused for a variety of different applications; this is where our reclaimed wood inventory becomes a treasure chest for hobbyist woodworkers. We stock a variety of reclaimed wood items ranging from obscure table bases to large chunks of salvaged wood. Also, during veneer manufacturing, there are a couple of by-products such as backing boards and cores that are left over. Backing boards are the thin planks of wood that are left over on the machine after slicing. Cores are the cylindrical chunks of wood that are left over after peeling. The backing boards can often be stripped down and used for thin lumber or flooring, while the cores are often used by woodturners and carvers. We also have a variety of obscure tree roots, trunks and other pieces in our inventory.

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FSC Certificate
PEFC Certificate
AHEC Certificate of Compliance

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Certified Wood MBVC


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