Our passionate pursuit of quality wood veneer

Quality is Everything

It’s simple. At M. Bohlke Corp., we start with superior grade hardwood and softwood timber to produce the most visually enthralling wood veneer. This is why we travel the world in our ongoing pursuit—we are looking for the best, most unique, and highest quality timber.


From architects and yacht designers to musical instrument manufacturers, our customers rely on consistency. Customers count on M. Bohlke Corp. for the merits that have placed us at the forefront of manufacturing, importing, and exporting architectural woods.


M. Bohlke Veneer has developed and patented many manufacturing methods over the years. These innovations improved cutting quality, as well as increased yields. Because of this, we’ve been able to reduce costs for our customers while maintaining superior quality products.

Variety & Customization

Choose from over 150 species of indigenous and imported woods with us. Crotches, burls and hard-to-find species are available in many cuts and figure types. Flat, quarter, rift, and rotary cuts are graded to your specifications. Opt for custom thicknesses ranging from 0.4 – 3.0 mm. Attention to detail, consistent quality, vast selection, and exceptional customer service make us a cut above the rest. Don’t just take our word for it – give us a call. Our team will provide samples, and you can judge for yourself. Find our inventory below and browse our catalog.

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Indigenous production

Our M. Bohlke Corp. facility manufactures over 1 million square feet of indigenous species each day. Walnut, White Oak and Red Oak are our main staples of production. We also cut a wide variety of other hardwood and softwood species.

Walnut 0.5mm – 1/50”

Panel or Door A Grade Furniture A Grade

White Oak 0.6mm – 1/50”

Panel or Door A Grade Furniture A Grade

Red Oak 0.6mm – 1/50”

Panel or Door A Grade Furniture A Grade

Grades & thicknesses

Most species are available in multiple grades and lengths – AA, A, AB, B, and Furniture lengths. We also slice Alder, Ash, Birch, Douglas Fir, Red Elm, Red Gum, Hemlock, Yellow Pine, and Poplar. Thin 0.4mm-0.45mm in several species, cut on special order. Thick 0.7mm-3.0mm in several species, cut on special order. Unclipped Veneer We also offer unclipped veneer – bundled or in flitch-stock form.

Imported selections

We slice imported wood species from all over the world. Our inventory spans over three warehouses of over 80 million square feet. Common species include Eucalyptus, European Beech and Prima Vera. We also have rare species such as Ziricote, Amboyna Burl and Bubinga Pommelle.


Each log in our inventory is sampled for quick and easy reference. Through our Wood Search Engine, we quickly identify options for you. We search by species, grade, length, footage and more. Next, we select and share samples with you. In addition to our sampling process, we have the ability to show an 8 x 12″ finished panel of the material. Because of our streamlined process, you can be sure you are ordering exactly what you need. Visit our Map of Origins Index to see where the wood for your next project was responsibly harvested.

Natural wood with embossed figure 

Realtec is natural wood that is embossed with “figure.” The process creates a flawless resemblance to natural figure—and the figure remains consistent throughout large sequences. Most agree that figure is ‘the’ desirable characteristic in wood. Interestingly, we’re still not sure how it is created. It is known that figure appears when the density and growth orientation within the grain changes to create a 3D perception.

Most desired figure

The fiddleback figure remains the most valued figure of all. Logs that have fiddleback are extremely rare. With Realtec, you can have this figure in continuous supply and at consistent pricing. Due to a lack of availability in fiddleback veneers, a patented process was developed to emboss natural plain woods with fiddleback figure.


M. Bohlke Corp. is the only distributor of Realtec in the United States and Canada. With an inventory of over one million square feet, we have various grades and lengths available for purchase. Thanks to the consistent figure and color, log flitches are easily matched for large jobs or continuous production.

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