Mahogany Plate Book

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Mahogany Crotch wood veneer

It’s important to note that the Mahogany plate book is the accepted standard for specifying Mahogany in the wood veneer and plywood industries.

How to use the Mahogany plate book

The plates establish a close approximation as to what is desired or what is available from a supplier.

Many purchasers of Mahogany wood veneer use this as a sales and ordering guide. Designers and architects, as well as other purchasers frequently use the notation: “M. B. Pl. No. _______” to designate their selection of Mahogany veneer. Once specified, both parties work together to find a close match.

Variations from plates to live samples

It is a well-known fact that there are always variations between wood veneers, sometimes even from two flitches of the same log. Because of this, it’s important to realize the plates are different than swatches of something man-made, such as wallpaper or fabrics.

Free Mahogany plate book download:
Mahogany Book

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