Manfred Bohlke came to the United States from Germany as a log buyer for a European timber company. When he decided to go out on his own, his biggest advantage was his knowledge of trees and familiarity with the woods. Although Manfred did not build his veneer mill until a later date, his comprehensive understanding of logging and the forest allowed the veneer production to flourish – “you cannot make good veneer from bad logs. You must know the good timber areas from the bad ones”.

This knowledge and philosophy still lives on today. With up to fourteen veneer machines to feed for each day’s production, log procurement is a top priority at M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. Currently, we have eleven log and timber buyers throughout the Midwest, east coast, and southern regions who are constantly exploring their territories for the finest timber for our veneer production.

With our strong purchasing force of raw material, we are often able to accumulate additional veneer logs to be sold to interested customers and clients. Since we also purchase a high volume of standing timber directly in the woods at tree length, we often accumulate logs that are not fit for veneer production but are very suitable for lumber production.

Our main species in our veneer production consist of Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry and Maple, so we tend to accumulate these types of logs for sale the most often. We also have availability in Red Elm, Ash, Poplar and some additional species. These species are available in grades of 4 sides-clear, 3 sides-clear and some 2 sides-clear.

In addition to log sales, we are also able to occasionally offer custom cutting services, where you can purchase the logs from us and we will slice this parcel in our manufacturing facility for a standard board-footage input charge.

Please be sure to contact us for quote; log availability is often subject to changes due to season, weather conditions and other factors.

Occasionally at M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. we have the ability to offer custom cutting, slicing and clipping services. With the extensive state-of-the-art machinery at our manufacturing facility, it allows us to provide custom cut clients the highest yields and best cutting quality for your parcels. If available, we can offer custom cutting for logs on a $/board footage rate or on a $/hour basis.

Contact our offices today to see if we are able to cut your parcel.

When our log buyers search and purchase tree lots for our veneer quality timber, we often come across timber that is not suitable for veneer production. Although it is not suitable for our applications, the material can be very desirable for lumber production and other uses instead. We often sell these lumber and lower quality logs to sawmills in the United States and around the world. We can offer 4 sides-clear, 3 sides-clear and some 2 sides-clear material in several indigenous species.

Contact our offices to see if we can help you purchase additional logs from our production.

*Log prices and availability are subject to a variety of conditions and may change from season to season depending on weather, inventory and market price.

At MBVC, our log buyers are always looking to purchase new material to keep our manufacturing mill running. If you own a stand of trees that you think may be suitable for veneer that you wish to sell, please feel free to send us information and pictures. We will then put you in touch with a certified forestry service to examine the lot if necessary.

Contact our offices for more information.

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