Faces & Layons

Taking wood veneer one step further

With the extensive inventory that M. Bohlke Veneer Corp carries in raw wood veneer, it only seems logical to have the ability to take the product to the next step by splicing the veneer into sheet faces. Our splicing facility is the perfect complement to our vast wood veneer inventory.

How our face and layons business has grown

In 1998, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. purchased and acquired a second warehouse and production facility conveniently located across the street from our main manufacturing facility. This new addition created what is now known as M. Bohlke Face. Under the control and guidance of Marc Bohlke, the splicing facility continuously grew over the following years. Today, the splicing facility warehouses all of our face production, our reconstituted/engineered veneer line known as “Vtec” and our extensive lumber inventory.

Our Face facility is equipped with two Kuper ACR Superquik Cross Feed Splicers, one Fischer-Ruckle Crossmaster Splicer, one Kuper FLI Longitudinal Splicer, two double knife guillotines and one Kuper KLM in-line glue machine. This equipment gives our team the ability to produce faces and layons in high volumes. In addition to high volume projects, we also have the precision to complete smaller and more specific orders as well. We manufacture faces of a variety of species to many different sizes. We will also grade and repair the faces to your standards and specifications (HPVA and WHPP guidelines also).

Customization options

We consider M. Bohlke Face to be a very flexible and versatile operation. Not only can we produce standard panel and door size sheets – we also excel in our cut-to-size business with a variety of sizes and shapes. These cut-to-size faces range from car dash pieces to skateboard decks and top sheets.

We also offer custom splicing services where you can purchase raw wood veneer from our inventory and we can splice the material for you at a square-footage output charge. You can splice as much as several pallets, or as little as one log.

Faces & Layons

When you are manufacturing veneer faces for your project, it is not always true that your finished sheets are simple panel and doors sizes. Some sizes may not even be symmetrical! At M. Bohlke Corp., we excel in the cut-to-size face business.

We cut and splice a variety of shapes and sizes from car dash parts to skate board decks. Contact our offices to see how we can help you with unique shapes and designs.

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