October 2021 | Marble Castello

October 1, 2021

Castello (sometimes spelled as Castelo) marble flat cut wood veneer has light yellow to olive brown heartwood, along with a fine, uniform texture and high contrast. The term marble comes from the highly distinctive striped pattern; we also have plain Castello available. Plain Castello is a fairly plentiful species, but the marbled grain cut gives it a very visually appealing aesthetic. This wood is very strong, elastic, and polishes smoothly and beautifully.

Flat Cut Marble Castello live veneer log samples – see the variation from log to log – unique and handsome species.

The tree and its veneer uses

This South American native reaches heights of 20 to 30 feet with trunk diameters only between 1 and 3 feet. Our current veneer inventory consists of a variety of appropriate panel lengths, ranging from 7-12’+ flat cut.

Architectural millwork, cabinetry and furniture, as well as accent pieces are all great choices for Marble Castello veneer. Its olive tones bring natural warmth to many environments, including hospitality, educational settings, and more. Castello is also often used in the making of ukuleles, remaining a popular species for that.

castello marble flat cut wood veneer
Flat cut Marble Castello veneer sample.

Requesting samples or scheduling a visit

Contact us to request samples, or to schedule an in-person visit or a virtual veneer log inspection.

Our Live Veneer Log Inspection service allows you to view a veneer log inspection via a live stream. We also offer the flexibility of sending recorded video directly to you for viewing at your leisure. Watching a veneer log inspection at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here. You can pause the inspection for longer views of grain structure and color consistency and, if streaming live, request to see logs a second time the moment you need to.

Our facilities are also open for scheduled visits. Please contact your M. Bohlke sales rep or use our contact form to schedule a visit.

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