Multi-layered panels

CF Panel layered wood panel products are composed of lightweight and soundproofing composite panels. Traditionally, CF Panels are used in the marine industry, specifically in yacht building. These multi-layered wood panels can be used in other applications where noise insulating, lightweight wood is desired.

About multilayered CF Panels

  • The heavier the panel, the higher the sound insulation rating.
  • Cut-to-size raw materials allow for fully customizable wood panels.
  • Standard panels sizes are 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10’.

Five distinct noise insulating wood panel products

Lighter panels

Polyphon: Okoumè Marine Plywood faces with a rubber cork core. Polyphon is ideal for ceilings and flooring, as well as walls. Traditionally used for divisional compartments in marine building.
Polymar: Okoumè Marine Plywood faces with a PVC foam core. Polymar is 70% lighter than Polyphon, providing good stability for many of the same applications. Also used for furniture and structural compartments.
Polyphon/Polymar: Polyphon faces with a PVC foam core. Polyphon/Polymar is lightweight, with a noise insulation of 32 dB. Used in engine rooms and load-bearing bulkheads of yachts. This paneling is also ideal for both structural and divisional compartments.

Sample size marine plywood panels.

Heavier panels

Polyphon G: Okoumè Marine Plywood faces with a high density rubber core, with a noise insulation of 38 dB. This panel is heavier than others, making it most sought after for flooring.
Polyphon/Polymar G: Polyphon faces with Polymar panels as the core. Used similarly to Polyphon/Polymar, but with a higher noise insulation of 40 dB.

Frequently asked questions

What are the tolerances for panels?
Thickness: +0.2mm/-0.8mm
Length: +/-2mm
Width: +/-2mm
Squareness: <1.0 mm/m

Which material is used for fireproofing?
We recommend the Polyfire panel, available by special order. Contains a layer of Calcium Silicate; rated B15 (30 minutes of fire resistance).

What type of glue is used?
Test Henkel-LOCTITE 7228-MED Certified glue is used in production.

What are the base noise insulation ratings?
Polymar: 24dB
Polyphon: 30dB
Polyphon/Polymar: 32dB
Polyphon G: 38dB
Polyphon/Polymar G: 40dB

CF Panels

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