Live Log Inspection

At M. Bohlke Veneer Corp., we are proud of the high standards of service we provide. In a world of constantly evolving technology, we stay ahead of the curve to consistently provide exceptional customer service. With these advancements in technology, we are inviting our customers into our facility without them ever having to leave the home office.

M. Bohlke Veneer brings wood veneer inspections directly to you, no matter the distance.

View and share the full-length video with your colleagues on our YouTube channel.

Stream live

We are excited to share the option of live streaming a log inspection with you. In lieu of travelling to our facilities located in Fairfield, OH, you now have the option to join the M. Bohlke Corp. team as we flip through available logs, hand-selected for your project.

Watch later

We understand that sometimes scheduling can prove difficult. This is why we are also offering to record a high quality video in the same format as a live stream, which can be sent directly to you and your team.

Convenience in mind

Both options, live streaming and recorded video, are scheduled with your needs in mind. We want you to feel as though you are in the room with us, even when you can’t be, as we search for the perfect log for your project. In addition to viewing the live stream via an authenticated online link, you can also dial-in to a secure conference call with the M. Bohlke Corp. team.

Real time conversations paired with photographs of wood veneer are good – real time conversations accompanied with live visuals are even better. Live streaming and watching a log inspection video at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here; you will be able to pause the inspection for closer views at grain structure, figure and color consistency; you can request to see logs a second time the moment you need to, or rewind and/or pause when viewing a recorded video.

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