How to Specify

Wood veneer has an inherent originality. When choosing veneer, it’s important to provide specification details in order to achieve your desired look. Details like cut, appearance (figure and match), grade, and finish need to be considered. Our M. Bohlke Corp. specifying guide leaves nothing to chance.

Contact us with any questions you may have – our knowledgeable team can help along the way.

The following information should be included during specification, along with pertinent project documents:

Determining your application (panels, doors, furniture, etc.)

– Length of veneer needed
– Quantity in total square footage (figuring an average 3 to 1 waste factor)

Maximum raw veneer length available is 17 feet
Common veneer lengths: 10 – 12 feet
Most veneer panel presses are maximum 10 feet
Common particle board length: 8 – 10 feet
Most plywood is 8 feet

Choosing a species

Browse our indigenous and imported veneers by searching our veneer catalog. If you’re able to visit our offices, our large sample room in Fairfield, Ohio, is an invaluable resource. Customization options for veneer projects are virtually limitless.

Types of veneer

Choosing a log

M. Bohlke Corp. provides raw hand samples, finished samples and live sample inspections. Samples are pulled from various sections of a log to show quality, consistency and range.

Securing a log

After you select a log, you have the ability to purchase it. We strongly recommend that you purchase early. Purchasing early guarantees that your first selection is held for your project.

Click here to download our project specification form.

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