July 2021 | Lebanon Cedar

July 6, 2021
Cedar of Lebanon quarter cut wood veneer
Quarter cut Lebanon Cedar sample.

Lebanon Cedar (also called Lebanese Cedar) is quarter cut when used for wood veneer. Its coloring is usually a consistent yellow-orange with brown streaks, and has straight grain with some deviation due to knots. The outer growth rings are wavy or ripped, adding to the character. Medium to coarse texture with a moderate natural luster.

Architectural millwork, panels and cabinetry, as well as doors and furniture, are all common applications for Lebanon Cedar veneer; yacht and aircraft design industries also utilize this beautiful wood.

The tree and Lebanon Cedar workability

Cedar of Lebanon grows in the mountainous regions of the Eastern Mediterranean basin and typically reaches 100-130 feet in height with trunk diameters around 5-7 feet. The wood veneer and lumber is highly valued due to consistent color, straight grain and historical significance. In fact, the country of Lebanon features Lebanon Cedar on its national flag.

Cedar of Lebanon wood cuts easily and the lumber planes smoothly. It is easy to work with hand and machine tools alike, turning, gluing and finishing well; also takes a wide range of finishes.

Freshly surfaced Lebanon Cedar live edge slab at M. Bohlke Lumber.
Freshly surfaced Lebanon Cedar live edge slab at M. Bohlke Lumber.

M. Bohlke Lebanon Cedar inventory

We have a variety of veneer panel lengths available in this species, as well as select Lebanon Pommele veneer. At M. Bohlke Lumber, we have a nice selection of beautiful Lebanon Cedar live edge slabs, with lengths between 9-20 feet, widths ranging from 19-62 1/2 inches and thicknesses between 2-4 1/2 inches.

Requesting samples or scheduling a visit

Contact us to request samples, or to schedule an in-person visit or a virtual veneer log inspection.

Our Live Veneer Log Inspection service allows you to view a veneer log inspection via a live stream! We also offer the flexibility of sending recorded video directly to you for viewing at your leisure.

Watching a veneer log inspection at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here. You can pause the inspection for longer views of grain structure and color consistency and, if streaming live, request to see logs a second time the moment you need to.

Our facilities are also open for scheduled visits. Please contact your M. Bohlke sales rep or use our contact form to schedule a visit.

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