August 2021 | Goncalo Alves/Tigerwood

August 1, 2021
Rustic finished Tigerwood / Goncalo Alves table and bench.
Tigerwood lumber table and bench.

Goncalo Alves (also called Tigerwood) is a hard, dense and heavy wood from Brazil in South America. Because of being highly regarded for its durability, Tigerwood slabs are a good choice for both interior and exterior projects. Its color ranges from light golden brown to red brown, with irregular black streaks. This color tends to darken with age. The grain can be straight, but is usually wavy or interlocked. Fine, uniform texture with good natural luster.

Goncalo Alves quarter cut veneer has light golden brown to reddish brown heartwood, with dark brown or darker black streaks. Architectural panels, millwork, cabinetry, doors and furniture, as well as aircraft and yacht interiors are all common applications for Tigerwood veneer.

Lumber inventory and workability

Neatly stacked Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood) hardwood lumber in Fairfield, Ohio.
Dimensional Tigerwood at Bohlke.

When working Tigerwood live edge slabs, we suggest using carbide tools and pre-boring before nailing. Tigerwood finishes and polishes very well. Its beautiful finishing properties make it an ideal wood for flooring and deck building. In fact, Goncalo Alves wood is commonly used for flooring because of its hardness, strength, and durability. Tigerwood live edge tops are good choices for unique dining tables and other fine furniture.

We currently have a select inventory of this species in live edge slabs. In addition to Tigerwood tops, M. Bohlke Lumber also has 4/4 FAS&BTR and 8/4 FAS&BTR dimensional lumber in stock.

Contact your M. Bohlke Corp. representative or reach out to our team today. For tabletop inspiration, browse a portion of our customer gallery.

goncalo alves quarter cut wood veneer
Quarter cut Goncalo Alves veneer sample.

M. Bohlke Veneer inventory

We have a variety of veneer panel lengths available in this species, ranging from 5-12′ quarter cut and 7-11’+ flat cut.

Requesting samples or scheduling a visit

Contact us to request samples, or to schedule an in-person visit or a virtual veneer log inspection.

Our Live Veneer Log Inspection service allows you to view a veneer log inspection via a live stream. We also offer the flexibility of sending recorded video directly to you for viewing at your leisure. Watching a veneer log inspection at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here. You can pause the inspection for longer views of grain structure and color consistency and, if streaming live, request to see logs a second time the moment you need to.

Our facilities are also open for scheduled visits. Please contact your M. Bohlke sales rep or use our contact form to schedule a visit.

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