September 2021 | English Brown Oak

September 3, 2021
Short video clip showing English brown oak Bohlke veneer sample slip matched, book matched, butt and book matched.

Rich browns and beautiful grain

English brown oak veneer comes from two species native to Europe: Quercus robur and Quercus petraea. These trees usually reach heights of 80-115 feet with trunk diameters between 4-6 feet, although they can be considerably larger.

When quarter cut, this species is a rich, dark brown and displays a tremendous medullary ray effect. This richness of color is an after effect of the live tree being attacked by a fungus, which causes sap streaks where the mushrooms do not spread. The result is a strong visual effect; this wood is then generally quarter cut to highlight its heavy flaking. Rest assured that once the wood is dried, the fungus dies, and there is no further decay of the wood.

English brown oak imparts a warm, “old world” atmosphere to architectural installations. Fine furniture, panels, doors and accent pieces can all benefit from the use of this veneer. Other common uses for English brown oak veneer include cabinetry, as well as both yacht and aircraft interiors.

English brown oak veneer and lumber availability

Our current veneer inventory consists of some flat cut, and various grades of quarter cut. M. Bohlke Lumber has 4/4 and 8/4 SEL&BTR dimensional lumber in stock as well.

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