Bohlke steps up investment in new technology

November 20, 2017
Bohlke steps up investment in new technology

(M. Bohlke Corp. facilities located in Fairfield, Ohio)

Fairfield-Ohio / Rietberg (Germany), in October 2017 – “Our strategy is to make sure that we always have a technical head start,” says Manfred Bohlke. Manfred is the founder and President of the successful American company, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. Today, the company is investing even more in cutting edge technology to take its equipment to the next level. The newly developed crossfeed veneer splicer Kuper ACR with EVB (end-splicing and trimming machine) has just been put into operation.

“We originally wanted to purchase a Kuper CrossRunner, but we decided in favor of the higher capacity machine. The benefits for us were compelling,” says Manfred Bohlke. The  machine ensures more flexible production at a consistently high standard. The intelligent control system of the ACR allows perfectly coordinated processes.

“The ACR also allows very fast processing of narrow and wavy veneers,” says Marty Jones. Jones is the Product Manager of Kuper’s North American sales partner, Stiles. He adds, “That is possible due to the infeed transport belts that take the pre-glued veneers, align and measure them, and transport them to the splicing zone. Depending on the strip width, the integrated first strip pull-in facility switches on automatically.”

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