January-February 2022 | Bohlke Lumber Newsletter

February 10, 2022

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Bosse live edge slab collage.
A portion of our available Bosse live edge slabs.

Bosse produces large dimensional slabs | We consider our selection of Bosse slabs to be very large and uniform, with varying degrees of exceptional figure visible on each slab.

Karri wood live edge slab highlight.
Featured Karri live edge slab available from M. Bohlke Lumber.

Natural character and strength | Karri is one of the tallest Eucalyptus species, reaching heights between 100-200 feet, and capable of growing over 250 feet. We have featured a Karri slab that is a testament to the size of the tree it was harvested from.

Quartered Spessart oak boules | We also specialize in boules. Boules are logs that are slabbed but sold as an intact product for ultimate consistency in wood color and grain.

Dimensional Lumber Inventory | Please inquire if you do not see a species you’re looking for. We generally have veneer logs to cut into lumber that can be kiln dried on short order.

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