January-February 2020 | Lumber Newsletter

March 2, 2020
monkeypod live edge slabs - January-February 2020 Lumber Newsletter - bohlke lumber
Handsome Monkeypod slabs that will bring character and warmth to any space. 

All about Monkeypod lumber:

Monkeypod, Raintree, Saman | In our most recent M. Bohlke Lumber newsletter, we delve into its workability, characteristics and what our Monkeypod live edge and Bohlke lumber inventory currently looks like.

The name Monkeypod comes from the shape of the fruit these trees produce. Outside of Hawaii, one of the more common names for Monkeypod is Raintree, which is due to the leaves folding up at night or during periods of rainfall. Besides Raintree, this wood knows many names and has many uses depending on the region, ranging from construction to high end furniture.

These rather huge and fast growing trees can produce large dimensional live edge slabs and lumber. Within our architectural and design community, Monkeypod is crafted into both indoor and outdoor furniture, cabinets and boat trim. It is an excellent choice for furniture and the possibilities with Monkeypod live edge slabs are virtually endless. We’ve seen many bar tops, countertops, dining tables, conference tables and more created from this stunning wood.

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