January 2020 | Cocobolo

January 6, 2020

January 2020 Wood of the Month | We are kicking off the New Year with one gorgeous wood veneer: Cocobolo (sometimes called Nicaragua Rosewood). Every log has its own unique color palette. The heartwood colors can range from shades of brown with black or purple streaks to yellow, orange or deep red. The sapwood is a very light yellow in comparison to the rich heartwood.

A true Rosewood: Cocobolo is dense, hard and durable. It stains and finishes beautifully and easily. It also has a high oil content, a common characteristic of Rosewood.

Uses: Fine furniture, both acoustic and architectural paneling, and in luxury aircraft and yachts. Most notably, its acoustic properties make it a prime choice for musical instruments, especially guitars.

Contact us to learn more about Cocobolo, our extensive inventory and how we can help with your project. If this look isn’t exactly what you or your client are looking for, our team can help you on your wood veneer search.

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