January 2021 | Western Red Cedar

January 14, 2021
Western Red Cedar samples shown with matching techniques.

January 2021 | Western Red Cedar

Our Red Cedar veneer inventory currently consists of various door and panel lengths. Typically quarter cut, Western Red Cedar veneer heartwood is generally light reddish-brown in color with straight, tight grain. Pink hues occasionally pop up and darker red or brown streaks are fairly common as well. Otherwise, Red Cedar veneer is quite uniform in color and grain structure throughout individual logs and is free of knots or other defects. In comparison to the warmer heartwood, Red Cedar sapwood is almost white. The texture is usually moderate to coarse before finishing.

Western Red Cedar provides relatively large veneer sizes

Red Cedar log yard when the trees are cut into cants for veneer production.
Cedar log yard where logs are cut down to cants.

Found primarily in the Pacific Northwest, Red Cedar is sometimes dwarfed by Redwood, however, this species reaches heights of over 200 feet. Trunk diameters are usually around 10 feet, but sometimes span a 20+ foot width.

Red Cedar veneer is produced mostly from square cants rather than logs because the trees are subject to extensive amounts of rot that is not usable for any wood application. However, due to the overall size of mature Red Cedar trees, the cants remain large.

Veneer quality Red Cedar cant.
Veneer quality Red Cedar cant.

Red Cedar veneer is available in attractive lengths and widths for architectural projects calling on a consistent and natural aesthetic.

Common applications

Architectural millwork including panels and doors, as well as furniture and cabinetry are all popular choices for Western Red Cedar.

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