May-June 2023 | Lumber Newsletter

June 19, 2023

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Pictured left to right: Carapanuba, Redwood, Teak.

Unique wood bases | We carry Carapanuba, Manzanita, Redwood, Santos, and Teak bases
in a wide variety of heights and widths, all with their own individual flair, charms, and intrigue.

Unique Teak wood bases available from M. Bohlke Lumber.
Unique Teak wood bases available from M. Bohlke Lumber.

Teak root bases – wild aesthetic | We also feature several Teak root bases — these are only a sampling of exciting new arrivals of this nature to MB Lumber. Ideal for sleek glass covered tables or unconventional wall displays, these pieces are begging to be the design focal points in luxurious settings — let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Dimensional Lumber and Boules Inventory | Included in every M. Bohlke Lumber newsletter is our current square edge and boules inventory. If you don’t see a particular species you’re after, please inquire—we generally have veneer logs to cut into lumber that can be kiln dried on short order.

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