March-April 2024 | Bohlke Lumber Newsletter

April 29, 2024

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Santos Rosewood in every form of lumber—available here | Pau Ferro, Morado, Bolivian Rosewood, Santos Rosewood—a beautiful wood of many names. From live edge, table bases, and square edge to boules, fingerboards, and bridges: we have it in this beautiful species.

4/4, 5/4, 8/4, 9/4, 10/4 FAS&BTR Santos.
Close-up Santos Rosewood tabletop grain
Close-up Santos Rosewood tabletop grain.
Santos Rosewood fingerboards and bridges stock
Santos Rosewood fingerboards and bridges stock.

Dimensional Lumber and Boules Inventory | Included in every M. Bohlke Lumber newsletter is our current square edge and boules inventory. If you don’t see a particular species you’re after, please inquire—we generally have veneer logs to cut into lumber that can be kiln dried on short order.

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