March 2019 | Wood of the Month

March 2019 WOM | Myrtle Cluster wood veneer is a good choice for high end furniture, as well as interior trim and cabinetry. M. Bohlke Corp. has Furniture grades available for purchase that will make heads turn and create lasting impressions. Do you have an interest in having this unique wood veneer look for your next project? Contact our knowledgeable M. Bohlke Corp. sales team at with questions or comments.

Fun fact: California Bay Laurel isn’t the source of “bay leaves” used in cooking. But the leaves are sometimes used as a substitute. True bay leaves come from another species entirely: Laurus nobilis (True Laurel, or Bay Laurel).

MB News | Spring 2019

MB News Spring 2019: Recent news from M. Bohlke Corp.

Tapping Resources Responsibly – The 2018-2019 logging season was rife with wet weather. These wet conditions affect many factors in our industry and can cause price spikes.

Hidden Treasure: Rare Live Edge Slab – We highlight one of our beautiful live edge slabs available for purchase.

Read our Spring 2019 newsletter to learn how M. Bohlke Corp. tackled last year’s troublesome weather and to see one of our Hidden Treasures. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook to stay connected with us throughout the year!

Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge™ entry period open

The entry period into this year’s Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge ™ competition is open! This competition recognizes excellence in woodwork featuring veneer and wood products.

A wide range of projects from furniture to cabinetry are welcomed. It is also important to note the amount of material used isn’t a big factor at all. All that is needed to enter is you showcasing your craftsman skills.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our clients’ projects. You can also view past winners from 2005-2018 of The Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge.

Check out the details to learn more and to enter your work. Good luck!

February 2019 | Wood of the Month

We’ve chosen Fumed Willow (also referred to as Aspen or Grissard) as our February Wood of the Month. This veneer’s warm tones add an element of coziness to any environment, modern or otherwise. Interested to learn more? Check out further details about the species through The Wood Database and contact our M. Bohlke Corp. team at for inquiries. We’ll be in touch with you soon!

Jan-Feb 2019 | Lumber Lowdown

Jan-Feb 2019 Lumber Lowdown | M. Bohlke Lumber new arrivals include beautiful, highly figured Purple Heart live-edge slabs & boules. The Purple Heart slabs will be priced and ready for purchase very soon!

Along with Purple Heart products, we are also spotlighting our Tigerwood slabs and square edge lumber, as well as a very special, one-of-a-kind Koa slab. Check out the Jan-Feb 2019 edition of Lumber Lowdown to view these products and more! You can also learn more about Koa through The Wood Database to become more familiar with the species.

New arrival | Purple Heart live-edge slabs

New Purple Heart slabs have been dried and graded at M. Bohlke Lumber. Sometimes called Amaranth, this hardwood is tremendously popular for furniture and designs that call for a unique splash of color.

Another characteristic of Purple Heart is its strength. Used in applications where strength is important, this wood is for both form and function.

These slabs will be priced soon. In the meantime, you can view our Purple Heart veneer here and feel free to reach to our sales team if you have any questions!

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Bohlke steps up investment in new technology

(M. Bohlke Corp. facilities located in Fairfield, Ohio)

Fairfield-Ohio / Rietberg (Germany), in October 2017 – “Our strategy is to make sure that we always have a technical head start,” says Manfred Bohlke. Manfred is the founder and President of the successful American company, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. Today, the company is investing even more in cutting edge technology to take its equipment to the next level. The newly developed crossfeed veneer splicer Kuper ACR with EVB (end-splicing and trimming machine) has just been put into operation.

“We originally wanted to purchase a Kuper CrossRunner, but we decided in favor of the higher capacity machine. The benefits for us were compelling,” says Manfred Bohlke. The  machine ensures more flexible production at a consistently high standard. The intelligent control system of the ACR allows perfectly coordinated processes.

“The ACR also allows very fast processing of narrow and wavy veneers,” says Marty Jones. Jones is the Product Manager of Kuper’s North American sales partner, Stiles. He adds, “That is possible due to the infeed transport belts that take the pre-glued veneers, align and measure them, and transport them to the splicing zone. Depending on the strip width, the integrated first strip pull-in facility switches on automatically.”

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New warehouse expansion is complete

Continuing Growth | Last month, M. Bohlke Corp. saw the completion of our new lumber warehouse. Construction began September 2016. At 75,000 square feet, there is plenty of room to store our growing imported hardwood inventory. It will also house a vacuum dry kiln, a 55-inch bandsaw, a resaw edger, and an 18-foot slab planer.

This M. Bohlke Corp. expansion allows us to continue our unique lumber business. Operating like a boutique, you have the ability to select pieces of the prime lumber you need.

You can now browse a portion of our live edge slabs inventory, and learn more about our other offerings here.