March 2020 | Imbuya

March 2, 2020
imbuya wood veneer

March 2020 Wood of the Month | Imbuya, Imbuia, Brazilian Walnut. Imbuya goes by many different names. Although it is not a true Walnut, Imbuya wood veneer possesses many of the same characteristics such as rich colors and interesting grain patterns.

Natural individuality

Found primarily in Brazil, Imbuya grows to heights of 130 feet with trunk diameters around six feet. These large trees allow for substantial veneer yields that are excellent for high-end projects.

With that said, Imbuya has unique aesthetic from log to log. Heartwood varies widely from medium to dark chocolate with contrasty streaks and stripes. Imbuya can also have olive tones, reddish or golden hues.

imbuya wood veneer

Along with the multitude of colors, a wide array of grain patterns and figure types are seen in Imbuya wood veneer – clusters, burls, pommele and fiddlebacks are just a few. In addition to all of the color and figure variation, Imbuya has fantastic contrast, and often has pips, pecks and irregular markings.

Common cuts, sizes and uses

We have Imbuya flat cut veneer and Imbuya quarter cut veneer available. Lengths vary from 8-10’+ with widths between nine inches to 2 feet and wider. We have various figure types of Imbuya wood veneer in stock including pommele, burl and cluster. We also have dyed options available.

Uses: Architectural millwork, fine furniture and cabinetry, as well as yacht and aircraft interiors.

Contact us to discover more about our extensive inventory and how we can help take your project to the next level.

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