Log Inspection | Stream Live, Watch Later

We are proud of the high standards of service we provide – in a world of constantly evolving technology, M. Bohlke Corp. stays ahead of the curve to consistently provide exceptional service to our customers. In addition to customers visiting our facilities, we now provide the option to livestream a log inspection of architectural wood veneer.

Customers can either livestream a virtual log inspection in real time or receive a video recording for later viewing. This service allows our customers to view a wood veneer log inspection at their convenience.

View the accompanying video below for a taste of what to expect when scheduling with us. (Please note that a scheduled log inspection will not be sped up as seen in our promotional video.)

You can also view and share the full-length video with your colleagues on our YouTube channel.

Update: Our summer newsletter detailing this new service is now available.

New slabs are available!

Recently graded live edge slabs added to our online catalog: Angelim Pedra and Maple Burl as well as Walnut. (We have a wide range of lengths, widths and thicknesses available in our physical inventory. In addition to these species listed above, we offer over 50 other species.)

We are proud to offer a large selection of over 1,700 live edge slabs. Pictures and measurements of every individual tabletop, paired with our team’s expert knowledge, makes us a cut above the rest. Contact us to discover our products and services firsthand.

Bookmark our live edge slab online catalog to check back often!

August 2019 | Wood of the Month

August 2019 WOM | Red Gum is native to North America. Red Gum grows from Connecticut and New York, west to Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma south to Florida and Texas. The wood veneer has a silky luster and fine, uniform texture.

After being cut, Red Gum veneer enters a vacuum chamber for the fuming process. The wood veneer is exposed naturally to ammonia, causing changes to its original color. Fumed Red Gum is darker than natural Red Gum. In addition to being darker, the fumed veneer has high contrast. It also has a wide array of colors, ranging from light browns to various shades of red, with darker streaks throughout.

Do you have an interest in using our Fumed Red Gum? Send your questions and comments to sales@mbveneer.com – we’re excited to hear from you and work together to create a beautiful end product!

July-August 2019 | Lumber Newsletter

July-August 2019 Lumber Newsletter | Our live edge slab inventory is a sight to see. We are confident you will find a specie that speaks to you. Check out our July-August 2019 Lumber Lowdown for a glimpse into our newest table top arrivals. Questions or comments? Send your inquiries to sales@mbveneer.com

Follow our lumber aficionado Jon @mbohlkelumber on Instagram to be the first to see new arrivals and what’s going on in lumber.

Highlights this issue:

New Live Edge Arrivals | We are always receiving new and exciting slabs, ready for a second life. We highlight 8 species of recent arrivals to our warehouse.

Working African Padauk | We provide tips for working this beautiful, red-toned African wood.

Complete Species List | If you don’t see a species listed that you’re looking for, please inquire.

July 2019 | Wood of the Month

July 2019 WOM | Louro Preto grows in Tropical, Central and South America and is especially common in Brazil. Its color ranges from a medium brown to a much richer brown. Dark and long black streaks show beautiful contrast. Over time, Louro Preto will darken, adding even more character to its handsome aesthetic. Because of similar grain patterns, it is a popular substitute for Brazilian Rosewood veneer. In fact, it is sometimes dyed red to further the visual similarities. Do you have an upcoming project requiring a classy and truly unique wood veneer? Send your inquiries to sales@mbveneer.com to learn what our knowledgeable sales team can do for you.

June 2019 | Wood of the Month

June 2019 WOM | Pippy Oak is made from European White Oak, a specie used across the board in woodworking. Its color ranges from a light yellow or brown. This veneer is known for having knots called scattered eyes, clusters, pepper, or “cat paws.” Because of these markings, Pippy Oak is commonly called cluster oak or cat’s paw oak. It has an especially rustic look that is both charming and warm while also unique and visually interesting. Where could you use Pippy Oak? Email sales@mbveneer.com with your questions or comments about the June 2019 WOM – we’d love to hear from you.

May-June 2019 | Lumber Lowdown

May-June 2019 Lumber Lowdown | In this issue, we showcase wood from all over the world, from Australia to Hawaii. Our extensive stock of unique wood species is impressive – take a look in the May-June 2019 Lumber Lowdown. Contact us if you have any questions or comments – we’d love to hear from you.

Follow Jon @mbohlkelumber on Instagram to be the first to see new arrivals and what’s going on in lumber!

Highlights this issue:

Fine Quality | We specialize in fine quality lumber that compliments our imported veneer inventory. Much of our lumber is cut from veneer quality logs to achieve superior lumber grade for architectural millwork.

New Koa Carving Squares | We recently graded Koa carving pieces and they are now ready for purchase. We are also working on grading new Koa live edge slabs that will be available soon.

Working Satinwood | Satinwood is considered difficult to work, but don’t let that slow you down. We provide tips for working this beautiful East Indian wood.

Complete Species List | If you don’t see a species listed that you’re looking for, please inquire.

May 2019 | Wood of the Month

May 2019 WOM | Redwood Burl is rich, warm and full of character. Burl veneer is produced from large, wart-like growths on the trunk of the tree. Burls grow below the soil line on Redwood, usually within 10 feet from the soil surface. Most notably used in automotive dashboards, Redwood Burl is also a perfect choice for aircraft and yacht building, as well as high end furniture. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team by emailing sales@mbveneer.com with questions or comments.

Fun fact: This species includes the tallest living trees on Earth, reaching up to 379 feet (115.5 m) in height and up to 29.2 feet (8.9 m) in diameter. These trees are also among the oldest living things on Earth. The oldest known coast redwood is about 2,200 years old; many others in the wild exceed 600 years. (Source: The Gymnosperm Database, Earle, Christopher J., ed. (2018))

Instagram Giveaway Winner Announced

A warm congratulations is in order to Bart of @newportwoodworks (Instagram tag) in Newport, Kentucky. Bart is our winner of the Instagram African Padauk Slab Earth Day Giveaway! 🌏

His name was drawn on Earth Day and he was able to visit us this morning for a tour of our lumber warehouses. He comes from a family of 7 children. With spouses, nieces and nephews, his family has grown to more than 20 family members!

He plans on gifting the finished slab as a large dining room table to his parents, where several members of the family can gather for meals.

We’re excited for Bart and look forward to seeing the finished table in the future.

Thank you to everyone who entered the #bohlkegiveaway on Instagram! Follow us on Instagram @mbohlkecorp to see behind the scenes, fun photos and to learn more about us.

Instagram Exclusive Giveaway

We have an exciting Friday announcement: Our Earth Day Instagram exclusive giveaway is live and accepting entries! Join us on Instagram by following @mbohlkecorp

We want you to give this beautiful African Padauk live edge slab a second life! Its measurements are 10.07′ long x 38.58″ wide x 2.56″ thick, priced at $1,500. We will choose one winner on Earth Day, April 22, and announced shortly after. Shipping will be covered if shipped within the Continental U.S. (shipping charges will apply to outside of the Continental U.S.) The giveaway entry period CLOSES Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

TO ENTER: 1. Follow us @mbohlkecorp 2. Like this original post on our Instagram feed 3. Repost this original post on your IG feed with the tag #bohlkegiveaway

Be sure to meet all Instagram giveaway entry requirements and GOOD LUCK!