Log Inspection | Stream Live, Watch Later

August 12, 2019

We are proud of the high standards of service we provide – in a world of constantly evolving technology, M. Bohlke Corp. stays ahead of the curve to consistently provide exceptional service to our customers. In addition to customers visiting our facilities, we now provide the option to livestream a log inspection of architectural wood veneer.

Customers can either livestream a virtual log inspection in real time or receive a video recording for later viewing. This service allows our customers to view a wood veneer log inspection at their convenience.

View the accompanying video below for a taste of what to expect when scheduling with us. (Please note that a scheduled log inspection will not be sped up as seen in our promotional video.)

You can also view and share the full-length video with your colleagues on our YouTube channel.

Update: Our summer newsletter detailing this new service is now available.

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