January-February 2024 | Bohlke Lumber Newsletter

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Consider these alternatives to Teak | We delve into our impressive inventory of Afrormosia and Iroko lumber, two excellent Teak substitutes.

afrormosia wood, teak wood, iroko wood samples
From left to right: Afrormosia, genuine Teak, and Iroko finished wood samples.
Afrormosia and Iroko lumber inventory collage
Snapshot of M. Bohlke Lumber’s Afrormosia and Iroko lumber inventory.

Dimensional Lumber and Boules Inventory | Included in every M. Bohlke Lumber newsletter is our current square edge and boules inventory. If you don’t see a particular species you’re after, please inquire—we generally have veneer logs to cut into lumber that can be kiln dried on short order.