November 2021 | Circassian Walnut

November 3, 2021
walnut circassian flat cut fiddleback wood veneer

Circassian Walnut (also sometimes called French Walnut or Common Walnut) can be either flat cut or quarter cut when used for wood veneer. Its coloring ranges from a light gray-brown to dark and warm red-browns, along with irregular streaks of darker brown. Gray, purple and red casts are very common, giving the grain an earthy rainbow palette. Circassian Walnut wood can display beautiful fiddleback figure as seen in our digital wood veneer sample to the left.

These trees are native to Europe, reaching heights of 80-120 feet, with trunk diameters usually between 5-6 feet. A favorite for architectural panels and millwork – acoustic panels, cabinetry, doors, furniture and store fixtures are also all common uses for this species.

Circassian Walnut bar top at the Marriott Charlotte Bar in Charlotte, NC.
Circassian Walnut bar top at the Marriott Charlotte Bar in Charlotte, NC.

M. Bohlke inventory

We have a wide variety of veneer panel lengths available in this species in both plain and figured grains. At M. Bohlke Lumber, our selection of handsome Circassian Walnut live edge slabs ranges in lengths between 10-15 feet, widths ranging from 23-41 inches and thicknesses between 1-3 inches.

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Our Live Veneer Log Inspection service allows you to view a veneer log inspection via a live stream. We also offer the flexibility of sending recorded video directly to you for viewing at your leisure.

Watching a veneer log inspection at your convenience provides the same control as if you were here. You can pause the inspection for longer views of grain structure and color consistency and, if streaming live, request to see logs a second time the moment you need to.

Our facilities are also open for scheduled visits. Please contact your M. Bohlke sales rep or use our contact form to schedule a visit.

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