Vtec Engineered Veneer

November 7, 2019

In addition to traditional wood veneer, we also offer an innovative and cost-effective approach: Vtec, also known as engineered veneer or reconstituted veneer.

Vtec is your answer when you need a consistent color and pattern throughout an entire project. This engineered veneer is real wood that is made through a patented process. This process allows us to reproduce nature’s rich and beautiful grain patterns with uniformity and consistency on a large scale with very high yields. The result is vast inventories of veneer available with consistent color, grain structure and pattern that’s not available directly from nature.

With our engineered veneer, you can create matching surfaces (such as doors, desks, paneling and more) in large quantities. This means you can return to us years from now and purchase more material that matches your original purchase.

Our Vtec engineering process offers another eco-friendly advantage. With Vtec, we can replicate exotic patterns (such as ebony or teak) from fast-growth trees. Therefore, you get the exquisite look of an exotic veneer at a price within your budget. M. Bohlke Corp. offers Vtec in several species, cuts and sizes. Manufactured and certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and is available as FSC® certified in all species. To learn more or to receive samples, please call (513) 682-1460, or email us at sales@mbveneer.com

Bamboo and Vtec

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