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When it comes to veneer, quality is everything. And the best, most visually-enthralling veneer can only be achieved when you start with superior grade hardwood and softwood timber. That’s why, for nearly half a century, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp has traveled the world in a passionate pursuit of the best, most unique veneer-quality timber.

Who relies on MBVC’s consistency in top-notch veneer? Architects, fine furniture designers, high-end commercial mill workers, musical instrument manufacturers, automotive designers, marine and aircraft builders, and panel and door manufacturers from across the globe…they all count on us for the merits that have placed MBVC at the forefront of the veneer manufacturing, importing, and exporting.

In an industry that’s widely ‘dated’, MBVC offers you the most modern manufacturing facilities in the world. We have used our production expertise to develop and patent many manufacturing methods. All our efficiencies and innovations boil down to improved cutting quality and increased yields, which maximizes our natural timber resources and reduces costs to you.

At MBVC, we offer world-wide distribution of more species, grades and selections of logs than any other U.S. manufacturer. Choose from over 150 species of indigenous and imported veneers. Crotches, burls and difficult-to-find species are also available in many cuts and figure types. Select flat, quarter, rift and rotary cut veneer that is graded to your specifications. Opt for custom thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 3.0 mm. At MBVC, your options to customize your veneer projects are virtually limitless.

Quite simply, our vast selection, attention to detail, consistent quality, and exceptional service are unsurpassed in the veneer industry. But don’t take our word for it – give us a call. Let us put some free samples in your hands, and judge for yourself.

Please find our current inventory offering below for your reference.

Veneer Species List

Every day, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. has up to 12 machines manufacturing over 1.2-million square feet of veneer in a variety of different indigenous species. Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple and Cherry are the main staples of production, but we cut a variety of other hardwood and softwood species as listed below.

Indigenous Veneer Production

Cherry 0.5mm – 1/50”

Cherry Panel or Door A Grade
Cherry Furniture A Grade

Maple 0.5mm – 1/50”

Maple Panel or Door A Grade
Maple Furniture A Grade

Walnut 0.5mm – 1/50”

Walnut Panel or Door A Grade
Walnut Furniture A Grade

White Oak 0.6mm 0 1/50”

White Oak Panel or Door A Grade
White Oak Furniture A Grade

Red Oak 0.6mm – 1/50”

Red Oak Panel or Door A Grade
Red Oak Furniture A Grade

Most species are available in multiple grades and lengths – AA, A, AB, B, and Furniture lengths. We also slice many more additional indigenous species such as Alder, Ash, Birch, Douglas Fir, Red Elm, Red Gum, Hemlock, Yellow Pine, and Poplar Request a quote.

We offer veneer in thicknesses from 0.4mm-0.45mm in several species cut on special order. Request a quote.

We also offer veneer in thicknesses from 0.7mm-3.0mm in several species cut on special order. Request a quote.

Unclipped Veneer
Although the majority of our production is clipped & bundled veneer, we can offer unclipped veneer – bundled or in flitch-stock form.

In addition to our indigenous veneer production, M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. also slices and purchases an extensive amount of imported wood species from all around the world. Our imported inventory spans over three warehouses and consists of over 80-million square feet of veneer. We have many common species such as Eucalyptus, European Beech and Prima Vera, but we also warehouse several hard-to-find and rare species including Ziricote, Amboyna Burl and Bubinga Pommelle.

Each individual log among the vast inventory is sampled and photographed for quick and easy access. Through our ‘Wood Search Engine’ we can quickly identify several possible options for our customers based on species, grade, length, footage and more. Samples can be sent for client review as well as the ability to showcase an 8″x 12″ finished panel of the material for better reference.

Contact our offices today and be amazed at the extensive inventory and options that are available to you for your next project.

Visit our Map of Origins Index to see where the wood for your next project was carefully harvested.

Realtec veneer is real, natural veneer that is embossed with “figure.” The effect produces a flawless resemblance to natural figure, which remains consistent throughout large sequences of veneer.

Most people would agree that “figure” is the most desirable characteristic in wood. Botanists are still not sure about what exactly creates figure in wood, but it is known that figure appears when the density and growth orientation within the grain changes to create a 3-dimensional perception.

The “fiddle-back figure” has remained the most valued figure of all. Logs which have a fiddle-back figure are extremely rare and the most sought after, hence these veneers command the highest prices of all. You can have the most highly regarded figure of all, in continuous supply, at consistent pricing. Due to a lack of availability in fiddle-back veneers, Hokusan Ltd. of Japan developed a patented process to emboss natural plain veneers with fiddle-back figure. M. Bohlke Veneer is the exclusive distributor of this product, called Realtec, in the United States and Canada. We carry an inventory of over 1,000,000 square feet for immediate shipment in a variety of grades and lengths. Thanks to the consistent figure and color, log flitches can be easily matched for large jobs or continuous production.

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