Spessart Oak Cluster

May 8, 2018
Spessart Oak Cluster

We have a large selection of European Oak live edge slabs. In addition to Euro Oak slabs, we also have a wide variety of Euro Oak boules and beautiful veneer.

Spessart Oak grows exclusively in the Spessart Forest of Bavaria, Germany, and is considered the gold standard of all Oaks. Because of proper management, this forest has mineral free soil, annual rainfall and proper drainage. As a result, these trees have beautiful consistent color, as well as tight uniform grain structure. These old growth trees average 20-30 growth rings per inch. Selectively cut at peak maturity and in accordance with proper forest management.

This live edge slab measures 10.33′ long x 20.47″ wide x 2.05″ deep. Check out some of our customers’ finished slabs here for inspiration!


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