Camphor Burl

July 15, 2020
Camphor Burl

Camphor burl live edge slabs come from a tree that is native to southeast Asia. These trees usually reach heights of 70-100 feet, with trunk diameters generally between 2-4 feet. Camphor burl colors range widely from a light tan to a very attractive dark brown, with darker streaks. Greens, reds and golds are also common. Camphor burls are considered highly decorative.

Grain can vary; generally medium textured. Interlocked grain can sometimes cause tear-out problems, but usually this is not an issue. Camphor burl slabs have a very strong aroma, as well as a high natural luster.

This Camphor burl live edge slab measures 4.3′ long x 69.69″ wide x 2.28″ deep.


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