October 2020 | Fumed Etimoe

October 1, 2020
fumed etimoe wood veneer
Fumed Etimoe veneer samples with figure

October 2020 Wood of the Month | Fumed Etimoe wood veneer is from a tree native to West and Central Africa. These trees regularly grow up to 100 feet, and sometimes reach 165 feet in height. Trunk diameters can be as wide as 9 feet. Because Etimoe is large, it’s not unusual to find logs that yield large quantities of veneer or lumber. This makes Etimoe a top choice for design projects calling for substantial amounts of decorative veneer in sequence.

Fumed Etimoe wood veneer is a hot species in architectural design, as well as aircraft design. Etimoe wood veneer heartwood is usually a reddish brown with a speckled appearance. Darker brown or red veins are sometimes visible and the grain is generally straight or interlocked. Also has a fine and even texture.

The natural process of fuming Etimoe brings out warm, dark chocolate brown tones, in place of reddish brown. After fuming, figure also becomes distinctly more pronounced. Fumed Etimoe retains both its natural strength and good natural luster.

fumed etimoe wood veneer 2
Fumed Etimoe veneer samples with figure

In addition to architectural and aircraft design, Fumed Etimoe is used in millwork, cabinetry and doors, as well as high-end furniture.

Our current natural (unfumed) Etimoe lumber inventory

  • 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4 & 16/4 FAS&BTR square edge lumber

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