November 2019 | Wood of the Month

November 4, 2019
November 2019 | Wood of the Month

November 2019 WOM | Cerejeira wood veneer is our team’s pick for November.

While Cerejeira Crotch wood veneer is very popular in our industry, we think that flat cut Cerejeira deserves recognition, too.

Cerejeira is a South American wood that emits a sweet smell, similar to vanilla or cumiran. Heartwood color ranges from a generally uniform golden-yellow to a light brown, sometimes with an orange hue. Its grain is interlocked and it has a medium to high natural luster with a medium to coarse texture.

Common uses: High-end luxury furniture and store fixtures/accents, as well as architectural millwork, panels and cabinetry.

This specie takes both stains and finishes well.

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About the tree: The trees are large, typically reaching heights of up to 82-100 feet, with trunk diameters between 20-35 inches. (Source:

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