May 2020 | Carillian Birch Burl

May 12, 2020
carillian birch burl hand sample
Carillian Birch Burl unfinished hand sample

May 2020 Wood of the Month | Carillian Birch Burl is a prime wood veneer choice when a project calls on a distinctive, luxurious aesthetic. Also spelled as Karelian, and sometimes called European Birch, Masur Birch or Flamey Birch.

A visual showstopper

It has creamy and tan hues, burly type figure and knots. The darker brown veins and curls create striking contrast. Fine textured and lustrous.

About the tree

Add wood’s natural warmth to its appearance and we have a highly sought after, and rare, veneer. The grain patterns of Carillian Birch Burl are somewhat similar to burl figure but they are in fact their own type of pattern only found in European Birch that have met specific soil conditions.

European Birch does not create forests of its own, but rather grows separately or in small groups. Due to tightly controlled felling and the fact that this wood can only be harvested in mid-winter when the ground is frozen, this tree is really precious. It is found in Europe, primarily in Finland. (Source:

carillian birch burl ceiling application
Carillian Birch Burl arched ceiling application

Common applications for Carillian Birch Burl

Limited only by the imagination, common uses include architectural millwork, automobile dashboards, fine furniture, cabinetry and high-end inlay projects. Also used in yacht and private aircraft design, as well as musical instrument builds, like custom drums and guitars.

Lumber: In addition to European Birch burl veneer, we have figured boules (ice/flame) and North American Birch (Betula papyrifera) square edge available from M. Bohlke Lumber.

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