August 2020 | Classic Cherry

August 5, 2020
cherry flat cut wood veneer
Flat Cut American Cherry

August 2020 Wood of the Month | We have a wide variety of Cherry wood veneer. From various species to varying lengths, widths and grades within those species.

American Cherry wood veneer

American Cherry is a handsome tree growing up to 80 feet. Their trunk diameters are usually between 2-3 feet. This indigenous wood was used quite heavily in the 18th century for furniture and cabinets. It was also popular for the backings of musical and scientific instruments.

Today, Cherry veneer is still an excellent choice for cabinetry and furniture. It’s also used for architectural panels, acoustic panels and millwork, as well as ceilings and doors.

european cherry flat cut wood veneer
Flat Cut European Cherry

American Cherry wood veneer is a light brown with pink or red overtones. Natural characteristics include gum pockets, pins and figure. Cherry wood veneer also has a satiny finish and fine texture.

European Cherry wood veneer

European Cherry wood veneer heartwood ranges from pink to warm red and golden brown tones. This veneer eventually darkens to a deeper golden brown with time and upon light exposure. The grain is fine, straight and close. Common uses include architectural millwork, paneling, cabinetry, fixtures and furniture, as well as musical instruments.

European Cherry reaches heights between 60-90 feet with trunk diameters around 1-3 feet. This species is native to Great Britain and Europe. It also grows in the mountains of North Africa and southeast Asia.

fireland cherry quarter cut wood veneer
Quarter Cut Fireland Cherry

Fireland Cherry – a Bohlke exclusive

Native to South America, Fireland Cherry is the largest of the Cherry trees discussed here. This species can grow to over 100 feet in height with trunk diameters closer to five feet. Fireland Cherry quarter cut wood veneer has pleasant red tones. Colors can also range from creamy off-white, to creamy red to pale brown with a pink cast. Straight grained with a fine texture.

Bohlke Cherry lumber inventory

  • Live edge slabs

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