Brown Ebony

January 25, 2021
Brown Ebony

Brown Ebony live edge slabs range in color from light brown to a darker reddish brown, mixed with even darker and handsome stripes. Heavier pieces of Brown Ebony tend to be darker in color. Overall, the species is very dense.

Brown Ebony slabs have irregular grain, so it can present challenges when working. However, once stabilized, Brown Ebony tops take a finish beautifully. Having leveled a few, the best method that we have seen thus far when leveling is to go extremely slow. Surface 20-30%, one face at a time, and let it sit for 3-4 days, flip, then repeat. From start to finish on leveling, it should take 3-4 weeks to allow ample time for the wood to acclimate to the work environment.

This live edge slab measures 20.08′ long x 39.37″ wide x 2.44″ deep. Check out some of our customers’ finished slabs here for inspiration!

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