January 20, 2021

This Albizia live edge slab measures 10.70′ long x 33.86″ wide x 1.97″ deep. This particular slab is one of our wider ones available of this species, with a few other options over 30 inches in width.

Albizia live edge slabs come from a rapid-growing tree that is native to tropical Africa. Live edge Albizia heartwood can vary greatly in color, from browns to reds and sometimes golden yellows, sometimes with a greenish tinge. The sapwood is can be somewhat wide, is clearly demarcated, and is white or yellow-white.

These trees usually reach heights of 30-100 feet and when growing in the forest can produce a clean bole up to 50 feet tall. Trunk diameters can be nearly 40 inches or more. Because of this, Albizia slabs can be fairly long and wide which can create beautiful conference and dining tables, as well as other luxury furniture or unique statement pieces.

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