February 2020 | Satinwood

February 3, 2020
satinwood wood veneer

February 2020 Wood of the Month | Commonly called Ceylon Satinwood, Satinwood veneer and lumber has fine texture and a high natural luster. The colors range from a rich and bright yellow to a deeper golden hue. Darker streaks throughout are typical.

satinwood wood veneer

Quarter cut Satinwood veneer has incredibly desirable mottled, ropey or ribbon figure. Aptly named, Satinwood figure can appear almost three dimensional and looks very similar to the lustrous satin fabric.

Because the trunk diameters are usually around 12 inches, the veneer is typically quite narrow. Some trees grow to larger diameters and we do have some larger dimensions available. In raw form, this wood has a light chalky powder that dissipates after sanding.

A little background: Chloroxylon swietenia and Zanthoxylum flavum are the only species that are true Satinwood. This family includes Citrus trees, like Lemon and Lime trees. Other woods like Movingui and Yellowheart are sometimes called satinwood, but they are not part of the same family.

Uses: Traditionally used in cabinetry, although it has many applications in today’s design world. These include architectural millwork, inlaying, fine furniture, decorative paneling, as well as automotive and aircraft interiors.

Lumber availability: In addition to quarter cut and flat cut veneer, we also have Satinwood lumber in square edge form. Our inventory currently consists of 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 FAS&BTR.

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