How to Specify

Wood veneer has an inherent originality that cannot simply be specified with a product number and color. In order to achieve the look you and your client desire, it is imperative to provide proper details in the specification. Details such as cut, appearance (figure and match), grade and finish are all specifics to be considered when making your veneer choice. The specifying guide below is designed to leave nothing to chance by manufacturers, woodworkers and wood installation specialists. The following information is to be included in the specification form with the project specification documents:

Determine the Application (panels, doors, furniture, etc.)

Length of veneer needed

  • Maximum raw veneer length available is 17 feet
  • Most common lengths 10 – 12 feet
  • Most veneer panel presses are maximum 10 feet
  • Most particle board is 8 – 10 feet
  • Most plywood is 8 feet

Quantity in total square footage (figuring an average 3 to 1 waste factor)

Choose a Veneer Species

At MBVC, we offer world-wide distribution of more species, grades and selections of logs than any other U.S. manufacturer. Choose from over 150 species of indigenous and imported veneers by searching through our veneer catalog. We have a large, stocked sample room at your fingertips to use as a resource for hand samples to help narrow down your choices. Your options to customize your veneer projects are virtually limitless. The following information must be provided when choosing a veneer species:

Veneer Species

  • Do you want certified wood?
  • Type of Cut – end, rift flat, rotary, quarter
  • Desired color – each species has a typical coloring, if your aesthetic is out of the norm for that species, be sure to investigate the availability of your desired veneer
  • Type of Figure – Figured? Fiddleback? Block Mottel? Burl? Crotch? Other?
  • Select Veneer Matching – book, book and butt, slip, random, etc.

Choose a Log

We are happy to show you a variety of different samples of logs to help you in making a decision that will fit the needs of your project. We do this by providing raw hand samples, finished samples and live sample inspection where available inventory is pulled from various sections of the log to show quality, consistency and range.

Securing the Log

After you have chosen a log, you have the ability to prepurchase it and we will hold it for x amount of days. Prepurchasing is strongly recommended because it is the only guarantee that your selection is protected.

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MBVC Specification Form

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