Lumber Services

Lumber services: Wood-Mizer WM1000 | Kronseder Eurovac | WoodWizz C: 6XC

Wood-Mizer WM1000

This head bandsaw can handle a log up to 67” in diameter. Its primary use is cutting live edge slabs and flitch veneer logs that are too large for the circular saw. As we continue to grow, we do small production runs of boule cut and square edge lumber.

Kronseder Eurovac

This custom-built vacuum kiln holds up to 5,000BF of lumber. With vacuum drying, we control the atmosphere with more precision when compared to using a conventional dry kiln. Air and moisture is drawn out of the kiln by the vacuum, producing more stable levels of heat. This ultimately leads to less drying defects, more color uniformity and reduced drying times.

WoodWizz C: 6XC

This tabletop leveler (also a sander) accommodates tops that are up to 17’ long and 70” wide. After a slab is leveled, the sanding backing plate is attached. It is then sanded, anywhere from 60 to 120-grit.

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