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Mar-Apr 2019 Lumber Lowdown | Explore fine hardwoods from Africa and read some tips on working Wenge. From Afrormosia to Zebrano, we have a large selection in square edge lumber of African species. We list them all for you in our latest issue of Lumber Lowdown. Working Wenge extended: Visit The Wood Database for more tips,... Continue Reading

March 2019 WOM | Myrtle Cluster is a good choice for high end furniture, as well as interior trim and cabinetry. Our Furniture grades available for purchase are sure to make heads turn and create lasting impressions. Do you have an interest in having this unique look for your next project? Contact our friendly... Continue Reading

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M. Bohlke Corp.’s commitment to the preservation and protection of the forests that supply our raw materials and sustain our industry is a serious business. When selecting logs, we work alongside landowners, as well as foresters, to responsibly harvest trees. Our manufacturing process is eco-friendly; creating veneer only requires water and electricity and, in addition to this, we generate energy by utilizing our own byproducts instead of fossil fuels.

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