Fully Re-Opening Operations on May 4th

April 30, 2020

We will re-open our business entirely starting Monday, May 4th. As of May 4th, all employees will be returning to work now that Ohio has allowed office & manufacturing plants to re-open. All employee pay has been reinstated to its full amount.

Employees who are not able to return to work on May 4th due to (1) a high-risk health condition, (2) a high-risk health condition of an immediate family member living within their household, (3) a child who does not have temporary daycare coverage, or (4) caring for an elderly family member, may continue to stay home and maintain employment through the FFCRA with proper documentation.

We will require mandatory usage of face masks by all employees. We will
continue to take each employee’s temperature daily. Workplace distancing of 6 feet and limiting the amount of people congregating in bathrooms, break rooms, time clocks and other high traffic areas will be strictly enforced. Lunch and other breaks will be staggered to limit foot traffic. There will be no unscheduled visitors allowed in any of our facilities. Air travel for sales remains prohibited, although local driving trips are approved within Ohio and other states that are not under active “stay at home” orders.

We thank all those employees who worked during our “essential business” period the past few weeks. Their work was crucial to maintaining our vital business functions to soften the crash of the Coronavirus crisis. We are happy and excited to welcome all of our team back to work and slowly regain our normal operations.

Manfred & Nick Bohlke

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